PCOS FERTI KIT ECO-P Sachet + ECO-P gold tablets



ECO-P Sachet + ECO-P gold tablets | PCOS FERTI KIT FOR PCOS/PCOD | 100% Veg | hormonal balance | Coenzyme Q10 Supplement for healthy life and stamina


BENEFITS: Helps reverse PCOS and get natural periods on time without harmful contraceptives, hormonal pills, and homeopathic medicines. Helpful in balancing hormones and supports timely ovulation to improve the chances of pregnancy, better digestion, and metabolism, flush-out toxins of the reproductive system, and purify blood to heal the root cause of PCOS.
What makes the Eco-P better:

i) Inositol, which helps ovarian function and keeps hormones in check.

ii) Chromium: Helps regulate blood sugar levels.

iii) Zinc: Support a healthy Immune System.

iv) Folic Acid: Support mental and emotional health. Helps regulate hormonal imbalance, regulate the Ovulatory cycle, and reduce inflammation.
100% Vegetarian, stomach-friendly with great taste, and the highest quality of formulation.

MANAGES PCOS SYMPTOMS: Women having PCOS face various symptoms like Irregular period, Infertility, abnormal facial & body hair growth & loss of hair. The sole reason is the imbalances of hormones leading to disturbances in your body. Cluzn Plus PCOS Ferti kit Supplements that regulate abnormal levels. It helps in balancing LH (Luteinizing hormone) & FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) levels responsible for regularizing the menstrual cycle. Astaxanthin have strong anti-oxidative activity.

POTENT COMBINATION: PCOS FERTI KIT Supplement is a blend of highly potent nutrients effective for PCOS. Apart from Myo-inositol & D-Chiroinositol, it is loaded with Coenzyme Q10, Astaxanthin, EPA, DHA, Lycopene to balance metabolic activity.
It regulates stress & anxiety, minimizes irritation, and allows you to lead tasks with a healthy mood.


Brand                        Cluzn Plus
Item Form                 Powder + Tablets
Diet Type                   Vegetarian
Flavor                        Unflavored
Product Benefits        Immune Support/ hormonal balance
Special Ingredients     Coenzyme Q10 + Inositol
Age Range (Description) Adult
Net Quantity              80.00 count
Number of Items         2 ( Eco-P + Eco-P gold )


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