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Cluzn Plus Provide Comprehensive Health Solution, For PCOS & PCOD, known as a Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Infertility Care, IVF/Test-tube Baby, Pregnancy Care, Irregular period, Sexual problem, Thyroid care, Menopause care, Newborn Baby care, Vaginismus treatment Etc.
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With our EVA PCOS/PCOD Program you get

With our EVA PCOS/PCOD Program you get

  • PCOS Yoga & Fitness Classes– Join our Live & Enthusiastic Session it is Specially Designed for Different Symptoms of PCOS & PCOD. Our Experienced & Energetic Coaches take the different session of Yoga, Power Yoga, Zumba, workout all benefit you get at your home. with help of this class you can manage your PCOS & PCOD Symptoms Like Irregular Periods, Obesity, Stress etc.
  • Nutrition & Diet Session– our experts Nutritionist Prepare a customize Diet plan for you this diet plan is designed according to your PCOS & PCOD symptoms your Food habits your body requirement etc. This Diet plan helps you to manage your weight, Blood Sugar, Harmons and other PCOS & PCOD symptoms.
  • Food Tracker Chart– With our Diet Tracking chart, you can track your progress & improvement also with this tracking plan our coaches can find the area of improvement.
  • Weight Tracker & BMI Chart– use our weight tracker & BMI Chart to track your weight and BMI by weekly basis
  • Doctor’s Live PCOS & PCOD Webinar– During your program our experienced Doctors Conduct Live Webinar and Workshop. It is very convenient to attend and available at your living room.
  • Menstrual Period Tracker – with our easy to use period tracker you can track your period start date, end date, Ovulation date, also you can save your period month wise which is very help full to track your progress & improvement during PCOS & PCOD Program. also, you can track the type of period like Heavy periods, Low Periods, Missed periods.
  • Gynaecologist Consultation– our Specialized & Qualified Gynaecologist check your all reports, History, symptoms and prepare holistic treatment based on your health goals – Infertility, Pregnancy with PCOS & PCOD, Irregular periods, pain full periods, etc.
  • Dermatologist Consultation– PCOS Acne, other Skin Infection associated with PCOS & PCOD are taken care by our highly Skilled qualified & trained Dermatologist.

Health Educational app with Videos, Blogs on different health solution.

Different EVA PROGRAMS on PCOS/PCOD, Irregular Period, infertility, pregnancy care & Newborn Baby Care are Available with live yoga, Nutrition, Fitness classes & Gynecologist, Dermatologist consultation.

Other services

  • Irregular Period Care– Comprehensive Details, Blogs, Videos, and Doctors are available to manage your Irregular periods join our designed yoga Classes, Nutrition classes to achieve your health goals.
  • Pregnancy Care– Get all Pregnancy care tips Do’s and Don’ts Precaution track your physical changes and Baby’s Growth month by month with our pregnancy tracker.
  • Infertility Solution– One of the common problem being suffered by many couples with our CLUZN EVA CLUB Holistic Solution from our qualifies & trusted infertility Specialist.
  • Newborn Baby Care– Stop worrying about “how to handle and care your new born baby” check all details Blogs, Videos, etc. get consult with our trained, Qualified Pediatrician for any health issue.
  • Sexual Problem– Don’t hesitate to share your personal sexual problem just book our sex therapist, Marriage Counselor, Sexologist
  • EVA Community – Join our EVA community and feel sense of belonging Diversity, Accountability, fun support  you meet different people from different background with varying life experiences, who each adds over all experience and Helps you to achieve your health goals, forming new healthy habits as a result you become more likely to follow through with your plans and end up with a consistent routine that benefits and health.

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